Dont be a Chicken!


Today after running errands we decided to grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store for lunch, usually …..Like everyone I throw out the carcass, today however I decided that I was going to attempt to make Chicken stock. Really, how hard can it be! I dug out my crock pot and threw the carcass, celery, carrots, onions, rosemary, S ‘n’ P and water in and will let it simmer over night. So far it has been been simmering for 3hrs and the house is starting to smell YUMMY!!!!! The plan is to freeze the stock for future use, but if the end product tastes as good as it is starting to smell, then I may end up making some soup for supper tomorrow!! I am planning on freezing some in baggies to make soups with later as well as some in ice cube trays for use in making rice or sauces etc. I will let you know how it turns out!!

Mickey Mouse Cake


I received an order to do a birthday cake for  a 2-year old girl, featuring a Mickey Mouse theme.  There were just sooo many ways I could go!  It had to serve 26 people, and be chocolate, and the client specifically asked for no fondant.

I spent a week or so designing the cake and wanted to try the new Wilton brand sugar sheets. The sugar sheets are cheap to buy (at Walmart) and come in fun colors and designs. I decided to do a trial run of the sugar sheets to see how they work and what they taste like; I chose the zebra pattern to play with. Boy am I ever glad that I did!! I baked and crumb-coated a cake and decided to use the sugar sheets to wrap the cake’s border.  It was easy to cut, and adhered well to the icing…so far so good.  I cut a slice and gave it to Rob to try, as well as one for myself. The paper did not cut well with a fork, and it doesn’t dissolve on the tongue at all, its like chewing on actual paper!!

So having to change my design, I had contemplated making marshmallow fondant because it apparently tastes much better then regular fondant. After some consideration of costs, in the end I decided to just make swiss meringue buttercream icing.   I hand poured chocolate Mickey Mouse heads and yellow (white chocolate flavour) heart balloons to spell out the birthday girls name using black food colouring.

I had a few hiccups but in the end it turned out well, and the client and her family were happy with it and that’s all that matters!!!

It was a fun opportunity, and I was able to experiment and try out some products and different techniques, so it was also a learning opportunity!


My first 3 tier cake!

Meeting Anna Olson


Not too long ago, I found out that Kitchener was hosting a Food and Drink show, and with Rob and I having a new found love for wines and fine dining I thought it would be a fun date night for us!

Then when I found out that Anna Olson was going to be there I TOTALLY had to go!

I lined up at the box office before it even opened to get our tickets to the VIP night.  I purchased our tickets and stuck them in my wallet, only to have it (my wallet) stolen a few days  later! AUGH! When talking to the police officer she asked the usual questions about which ID I had in there and such, and when she asked me if there was anything else important in my wallet I said “YES! My food and drink show tickets!” ( I was almost more devastated that they were gone then ALL of my government ID!) She told me to call the AUD and give them my Incident # and they may replace them.  So I did, and indeed they did!

So, April 26th finally arrives! I tossed a pen and paper in my purse in case I had the chance to meet Anna Olson.  Rob and I were making our way thru the crowd deciding which wine or food to try next, Rob stopped me and said look, I turned to see Anna in one of the booths talking to the proprietors!  I was so excited yet frozen at the same time, and I could see some people stopping and pointing, but I was amazed by the amount of people who weren’t sure who she was. How can you NOT know who Anna Olson is! LOL (I know her life story! I’ve watched every one of her shows!)

I felt awkward standing there and tried to get Rob to walk away but he kept me there and told me to wait. When Anna left the booth, Rob stopped her and asked her to meet me! I was a blithering idiot!!  I was soooo nervous and smiling like a litte kid!! I was even sweating and had tears in my eyes! LOL She posed for a picture, shook my hand and moved on her way to the stage for her 8pm demonstration after which she was going to be selling and signing her book. I got in line to buy the book only to find out that it was $40 and I only had $35, I was sooo upset! But I at least have a picture to remember her by. I also have Rob to thank for making me stand around so that I could meet her. I will never forget the night that I met Anna Olson!!


Anna Olson and I

Mmmm Muffaletta


I saw this recipe on my Santas Choice Calander, so I decided to give it a whirl.  It was AMAZING!!  I have made it a dozen times since then!    The first time I made it I followed it exactly but every time since I have changed it up bit.  The basis of the recipe is you take a loaf of Pumpernickel, cut off the top and remove the inner bread as if making a bread bowl.   You then put  a layer of your condiment of choice, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, Chicken fingers and more of the condiment, put the “lid” back on and slice.   I have made it with Dill mayo, southwest ranch, and tzatziki, but our FAVE is the south west ranch and a few slices of red onion!  I think the next I make this I will try chicken breast instead of chicken fingers and see if it adds or removes from the flavor.



Back, and Better Than Ever!


Welcome to the new and improved Fun With Cheesecake!

I’ve moved from the generic server, to my very own domain!

I’ve also changed the format to more than cheesecake, but a blog focusing on cheesecake, with a smattering of my thoughts and recipes to life, love, and food!

Please feel free to let me know how you feel about the site, and my posts and food!

Lots of love and cheesecake!



New Email!!


Hello everyone!!  I hope you are all able to keep cool! its going to be along summer.

I just wanted to let you all know that the email situation has been resolved and I have made a new one!!  So now I have to either re-order new business cards or white out the old address and write in the new one!!  but here it is

*email removed

So just to recap, the address on my business cards (*email removed) is no longer working. and you can reach me at the new address!

Stay cheesy!!


Art Festival/Email Issues


Hello everyone,  It was brought to my attention that my email address is no longer valid, which is VERY upsetting and frustrating as I have just gotten new buisness cards made with that address on it.  So the address kathy@synnisterart.com is no longer working, but you can reach me at k_a_h@sympatico.ca  or via this blog.  I apologize to everyone who just received my card from the Cambridge arts festival.  I hope this does not affect your opinion of me or my cheesecake.

Thank-you to those who came out to the short festival, it was a promising day but Mother nature had other plans and we were literally blown away.  They are hopefully rescheduling for July.  Rob and I hope to be back there in full force…..and me with new Business cards!!

Hope to hear from you all soon!


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